THE TITAN TIMES - What's The Word?

We are growing as an organization on a daily basis.  Your hard work and efforts are appreciated.  Create a culture of excellence in your stores by executing every day.  Intensity, Focus, and Hustle are the key components. Train Daily and Grow! The sky is the limit my friends.
42-16-2 Is our FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. Here it is defined again...

42 Face to face opportunities to sell a house. Walk Ins, Appointments, and Be Backs combined. Half of these should be self-generated from FB posts, marketplace, groups and Craigslist. Log EVERYONE in Lasso.

16 % Minimum closing ratio.  Divide your deposits and refunded deposits for the month by your traffic to see your closing ratio.

2 Funded Deals per person is your minimum acceptable standard.

If you are not in front of a customer you should be engaging with one on the phone, on a text, or in a direct message.  Your top goal daily is to set tomorrow's appointment.

COMING SOON!!! The Renegade

We have been hard at work with our factory partners to create a Titan Exclusive packaged house that will be built by all of our factories with a similar invoice price. The result is a loaded home with a crazy aggressive retail price.  Each location will be receiving this home and we will roll out a national ad campaign to boost demand.  Stay tuned for details...



This was a life changing event for me last year and I am sure that Bryan Lawrence would agree. I want more of our team to share the same experience.  In February, I will take Team TITANium to Las Vegas to attend the Grant Cardone 10X  Growth Conference (Click to learn more)

How do I earn a spot on Team TITANium?

Most Deposits August-December

Top GM (Highest Average Deposit)  
Brennan Sanders    $7,901   LEADER
Bryan Lawrence        $7,382
Mitch Cannavino    $6,057 

Top Sales Manager (Store Total Deposits # over $500)
Gabe Bacot                                PC- 97 Deposits
Tracy Taylor                                Zephyrhills -72 Deposits

Top 2 Salespeople (Individual Deposit # over $500)
Chad Bonewit         32 Deposits
Patrick Evans            32 Deposits

Tracy Taylor                  22 Deposits
Jessica Viva                  22 Deposits
Ralph Palmer               21 Deposits
James Adkins              20 Deposits

Check your email for the full leaderboard!

This is an elite group reserved for the highest achievers that master the hustle game. This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Create an action plan and goals to get there. You have one more week to challenge the leaders!

Contest Ends Dec 31 at 8pm CST!

Welcome Aboard!

I am excited to announce Michael Sheldon as the New GM at Alexandria. He worked with me on the marketing team at Oak Creek.

He has extensive background in multi-unit supervision and is extremely talented and building and developing teams. He is also adept at overcoming obstacles. In his first week, an F-3 Tornado ripped through Alexandria damaging our competitions lots and leaving the entire area without power for days. 

Michael went to work and secured a generator. No electrician was available so he wired up the entire lot to get power on and the team selling houses. It is that Can Do spirit that will take his team to the top.    - Robert


This month’s spotlight is on Brenda Kimmey, Operations Manager for our Shreveport model center.

Brenda is always a shining example of having high attention to detail, quick to adapt to change, and the enthusiastic heart of a winner!

She continually reaches out to lend a hand to others when needed and never says no when asked to go the extra mile to assist the region in any way possible.

Thank you Brenda for your passion and quality of work, and for your constant aim for operational excellence.

The Team is Building...

Hey Titans!

I wanted to take a moment to Introduce some awesome new Team Members to our Team Titans!

Rusty Clifford: Comic, Actor, and well established 25 years as a  Manufactured Community Builder, Rusty has chosen to spend the twilight of his Career with Titan Factory Direct.

Sherenda Thompson: Miss Sherenda comes in to us from the Car Business, she found great success there but wanted to sell a larger, higher commissionable product and help people while doing so.

 Zach Ross: Zach comes from a family of Professional Sales People, His Mother is the corporate trainer for Walker ( 100 year old Multi Dealership in Louisiana) He comes in with High energy and the desire to grow grow grow!


 Brian Delegal: Brian has worked with Manufactured Home Builders, Movers and now he is in the Seller section of the business. He brings knowledge and knowhow to the Albany Team.

Gregory Scott: Mr Gregory “The Great” Scott comes to us from the Lumber sales industry, He knows all too well how cost continues to grow with building material and will help create urgency with his knowledge!

Michelle Misiakowski: Michelle comes to us with a background of Real Estate. She is aggressive and drives an hour a day to work! She is motivated!

 Shreveport/Panama City
Jordan “Belfort” DeArmond: He’s back! The Cajun Johnny cash, The Wolf of Louisiana is back with his Titan Family! He is helping us in Shreveport and then headed to good ol Panama City! Gabe keep him out of trouble!


Embrace a training culture that thrives on success. Don't be afraid to train your replacement. It is the key to our growth! - Robert

Team Spotlight - PC

Teamwork was on display at PC for the annual Christmas parade.  The entire team and all of their families showed up to decorate our tiny house float.

We won award for "Best Use of Lights" and everyone dressed up like elves walking the full parade route handing out candy. It was an amazing event and the teamwork carried over to this week. They have 12 deposits already this week!


We are wrapping up a year that has seen some ups and downs but we are ending it on a pretty strong note.  Joe and I are convinced, that with this team, we can achieve monumental results in 2020. 

Enjoy Christmas with your family then come back ready to dominate.  Review 2019 then set your goals for 2020. Aim high my friends. Anything is possible. Hustle and Grind!


Our minimum goal is 4 per store so we have some work to do.  Be at the top of the leaderboard in January!


Our minimum goal is 2 per salesperson. GMs Leading the Board!



Top Location Units:      Panama City.  11 funded in November!
Honorable Mentions:  Candler Had 10!

Top Gross Big Hitters  On A Single Deal:   
Mary Lawrence-$22k    Shane Maiden- $20k   Chris Vann $19k

Great Gross:  Gabe Bacot  $16k and Jessica Viva had $17k GP


Your personal pipeline should always be 10+ deals working. Every store should have a minimum of 30+.


Your top priority everyday is to set tomorrows appointment.  This is our result for Nov.  appointments

This is our biggest area of opportunity. Convert Eleads and FB to VISITS!

A Word From Joe


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin.

Although I do not agree with all of Mr. Darwin’s theories, I do agree with the above quote. We all have to understand that whatever got us to where we are today, will not be sufficient to keep us there. A rapidly changing environment is the regular background against which top organizations develop. We have, as a team, made great progress in every sector of our business over the last 90 days but more improvement is needed. It is essential that we refine our processes, embrace change improvement and measure the potential for growth in our current state.

 Any successful company constantly seeks ways to improve their performance. One of the first drivers to performance improvement is business strategy. Strategy sets direction and gives a focus to improvement however it must be deployed throughout the entire organization to be effective. Processes should be mapped and analyzed, projects must be managed, problems traced to root causes, data collected before action is taken and any improvement action reported on and measured.

 The Management team is constantly working towards improving our performance measurement systems, the number one tool of strategy. Lasso is being modified to increase efficiency as well as provide better measuring tools but the discipline must flow through out the entire organization in order to provide the information required for proper strategic decisions.  

This is one area, of many, where each and every team member gets involved in strategic planning. The information logged in Lasso is vital, not only the accuracy but the completeness. Each field that has been created carries information vital to improving our processes and performance. We will use this information not only to measure our current state but to map our future state of performance. Please take time, complete each field, double check for accuracy and be part of the strategic Titan Team.

- Joe Wooldridge